Unleash The Potential Of Your Project

Unleash The Potential Of Your Project

For us technical assistance is the provision of expert support and guidance to teams and organizations engaged in innovation activities. We offer advice and tools to overcome challenges, optimize processes, and enhance the success of innovations.

META Group works with private and public organisations to get the snapshot of current situation, design and implement new actions to foster innovation at local, regional or European level. If nedeed, we also provide competence building or innovation policy support.

We have a large network of experts, consultants, or specialized partners with relevant domain knowledge and experience that we often engage to provide the best fitting expertise. ​

Work With International Experts And Proven Methodologies

Work With International Experts and Proven Methodologies

We provide expertise, guidance, and resources to address challenges, and increase the success potential of innovative solutions. We help research and entraprenurial teams navigate complex landscapes, optimize processes, and maximise the impact of their innovation efforts.

The diligent and focused approach of our experts, combined with our extensive experience in EU project funding and evaluation provide a solid foundation for future development and growth.

Here are some key aspects of the technical assistance we provide:

  • Access to experts and tools
  • Project management
  • Capacity building
  • Access to risk capital
  • Exploitation, dissemination, and communication
  • Monitoring

Contact our team to learn how we can help in reaching and maximising impact:

For over 30 years, we have been providing expertise on all aspects of research and innovation. Our people offer hands-on guidances on best practices, methodologies and approaches to address technical and operational challenges that have to be addresse during the innovation process.

Every problem has a solution but not every solution has a problem.

We use a problem-centered approach and our experience to address challenges that may arise during project implementation, and provide recommendations and strategies to overcome them.

With technical assistance we support the implementation of innovations from research or development stages to market-entry. This may involve guidance for technology validation, prototyping, scaling-up, and adapting to specific contexts or markets. Our teams help bridge the gap between research outcomes and market-ready solutions.

An important aspect of the support we provide is access to networks that are essential for gathering resources needed for a successful innovation uptake. This can include connecting innovators with industry partners, investors, funding opportunities, or research facilities.

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