Find the Right Funding Solution

Accessing risk capital often involves a combination of different methods requiring a detailed business plan, a strong team, and a clear understanding of the market and the growth potential. For researchers and innovators interested in starting their entrepreneurial journey, this path can raise even more challenges.

Our goal is to support and facilitate access to funding for making feasible and successful the “from the lab-to-market” journey.

From Idea to Start-Up

We have a long history in providing effective coaching, tools and strategies to support entreprenurial teams in creating knowledge-intensive companies.

Innovators get a structured and systematised approach and coaching developed and validated in over 20 years of market presence. 

We want to unburden entrepreneurial researchers and innovators from the daunting process of getting early-stage capital. Services such as the Pitch Clinic provides not only a set of tools and a proven framework but mainly feedback and guidance from experts and peers in a real-life context.” – Lorenzo Valeriani, META Group

Working with Investors Across Europe

Improving access to finance for start-ups is a building block to achieve our vision of knowledge-intensive companies for knowledge-intensive regions. We are experts in designing public and private equity financial instruments, which resulted in more than €100 million currently under management in several EU countries.

We build solutions for early-stage funds and have developed a unique range of public-private partnerships between business incubators & accelerators, business angels clubs, corporate ventures, regional development authorities, national governments and EU institutions:

Science funds are dedicated to creating a missing link between academia and industry, providing the much-needed seed capital and business counselling for academic researchers, start-up companies and potential entrepreneurs. See more: Xplorer fund and Eureka! TT Fund

Angel funds are co-investment funds created by high-net-worth individuals or companies called angel investors or business angels. They often also provide business management experience, skills, and contacts for entrepreneurs. See more: INGENIUM Fund

Regional funds are co-investment funds specifically designed to introduce early-stage venture capital in different regions across Europe. Examples include META Ventures and APER VENTURES. These funds are designed to increase the number of successful startups in a specific territory, favouring the growth of knowledge-intensive regions, economic development, and entrepreneurial culture.

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