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We are a company addressing the entrepreneurial needs of those who are at the forefront of knowledge-intensive regions’ development: European Commission, regional governments & development agencies, public & private investors, research organizations, start-up companies & entrepreneurs

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Our vision and mission

We believe that knowledge is key to solving complex challenges that our society faces. This can be achieved with one condition: creating an environment that fosters innovation and ensuring that research results are being used, multiplied and that they generate impact.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurial innovators and decision-makers develop and implement high impact solutions. We do this by acting as a catalyst for smooth and profitable knowledge transfer from labs to the market.

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Our Story

At our core, we are a team of passionate people with a common goal: making innovation used to bridge the “Valley of Death” by equipping all innovation actors with the tools and skills they need to bring knowledge to market.

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META started in 1993 as an engineering firm in Terni, Italy, and grew to become an international Group. Today, we are present in Italy, Belgium, Poland and Slovenia.

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Spin-off Focus

We started working with University spin-offs and addressed a technology-driven focus pioneering a problem-centric approach. Thanks to that we developed proprietary tools and methodologies that foster entrepreneurship, knowledge transfer and innovation

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The Booster

We coined the term Booster for the European Commission’s Common Exploitation Booster, which has been adopted since for many other European initiatives such as IPBooster and Horizon Results Booster.

An Integrated Platform

Our Approach

For almost 30 years, we fostered entrepreneurship at micro & macro scale: from coaching and mentoring researchers and entrepreneurs to developing innovation strategies and managing regional co-investment early-stage funds.

Today, we embed this experience in a wide range of solutions and proven methodologies to address the most pressing challenges faced by research and innovation actors

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